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This bundle includes: 

Vitamin E Oil 

Growth Serum. 

SculptIt. Foaming Mousse 

Edge Tamer 

UnLeashed but Tamed

  • Edge Tamer
    Our clear hydrating formula creates sleek up do’s and eliminates stray edges between styles. Extra long lasting hold that provides a natural sleek finish with no flaking.  
    non greasy formula that will give the look you desire 
    • 24 Hold
    • No white residue
    • Perfect for curly and wavy hair
    • Extra Hold finish look

    How to Use
    Apply small amount to either index finger or edge brush. Smooth onto edges to desired style and shape

    Growth Serum
    Hair Growth Stimulation Oil promotes volume, shine, hydration of the scalp, and much more. Blended with all-natural organic oils with vitamins for your scalp to absorb for fast and healthy hair growth.

    . Stimulates faster hair growth
    . Promotes thickness
    . Natural shine
    . Hydrates scalp and reduce dandruff 
    . restores damaged hair

    How to Use
    Apply a small amount to the scalp. Massage in or use a scalp stimulating brush for at least 5 minutes. Repeat as often as desired

    Sculpt It Foam

    Our Hair Mousse allows versatility in style by defining curls, taming frizz, and boosting volume. It also encourages definition all in a perfect shine finish.

    • Defines Curls 
    • Tames Frizz
    • Boosts Volume
    • Encourages Shine and Definition

    How to Use
    After shampoo and conditioning hair, pump hair Mousse evenly through the hair and create the desired style. Use a smaller amount on dry to restyle

    Vitamin E Oil

    oil blend is made with sealing and strengthening oil that can be used for moisture and length retention

    • Faster hair growth
    • Promotes thickness
    • Natural shine
    • Hydrates scalp and reduce dandruff 
    • Restores damaged hair

    How to Use
    Spray oil directly onto the scalp
    Massage and spread the oil with fingers
    It works great on the body as well


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