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This bundle includes:  

Sculpt It Foaming Mousse 

Vitamin E Oil

Mold & Go

  • Sculpt It Foam

    Our Hair Mousse allows versatility in style by defining curls, taming frizz, and boosting volume. It also encourages definition all in a perfect shine finish.

    • Defines Curls 
    • Tames Frizz
    • Boosts Volume
    • Encourages Shine and Definition

    How to Use
    After shampoo and conditioning hair, pump hair Mousse evenly through the hair and create the desired style. Use a smaller amount on dry to restyle

    Vitamin E Oil

    oil blend is made with sealing and strengthening oil that can be used for moisture and length retention

    • Faster hair growth
    • Promotes thickness
    • Natural shine
    • Hydrates scalp and reduce dandruff 
    • Restores damaged hair

    How to Use
    Spray oil directly onto the scalp
    Massage and spread the oil with fingers
    It works great on the body as well


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