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Stepping Out on Faith

Name: Melinda Spurling, but you already know that! Here is what you do not know. I grew up wanting to change lives through my hands. I started by attending school at Jack Yates in the cosmetology department. In 1997, I graduated in the top of my cosmetology class. To craft my skill, I begin working for commission and hourly wages to learn more. It taught me that, "In this business you need more than a gift, you also need skills.”

I begin to learn Customer Service, Product Knowledge, Coloring, Cutting and Creativity through classes and repetition. In 2004, I got the opportunity to start working at Eshallence Hair Design with my JY classmates, Monet Thomas (Owner of Eshallence). This gave me a chance to let me spread my wings. I rose to the occasion and became self-employed. Coming from a salon franchise world, I had to build my clientele from the ground up due to not being able to obtain my clientele list with the franchise. From working at Eshallence Hair Design for over 15 years, my client list had grown tremendously and continues to grow.

On November 12, 2020, as I sat down on the sofa after a long day at work, I thought, “its time break off and do you!” Knowing that I had a great clientele and was my own boss, what more did I need? Being a woman of faith, The Holy Spirit came to me as said, “UNLEASH ME! Break away so I can freely create you!” And from then on UNLEASH ME was created! I let God Unleash Me and start “freely creating” me without me trying to control things.

Unleash Me Hair Boutique began in the mist of the world going through the COVID-19 pandemic. Stepping out on faith, I let go and I allowed God to create a space for me to be FREE.

Unleash Me Hair Boutique was created to freely CREATE and CHANGE the lives of every person that sits in this chair. I want to give you what God gave me, A chance to express BEAUTY through HAIR. Unleash Me is not just a look, it is a statement!

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